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Board Members

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Sherrill Jackson (RN,MHSA,BSN,CPNP)/ President - Co-Founder

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and supervisor of a radiology department, I knew a lot about breast cancer, but never thought I would have breast cancer." Sherrill Jackson is President and Founder of The Breakfast Club, Inc. She was diagnosed in 1992 and chose to have a modified radical mastectomy followed by eight months of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy plunged her into early menopause. Breast cancer, its treatment, and effects were all experiences to which Sherrill and her husband, Ronald, would have to adjust. Sherrill realized there was a need for a special kind of support in her community. Although a member of her church for 40 years, it took her five years to publicly admit to being a breast cancer survivor. 

Survivor since 1992

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Kenita Collier (BS,MBA,CSM) / Vice President

I joined the BCI a month after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The members were with me as I underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I vowed to do what I could to help the organization accomplish its mission to support and educate women concerning breast health and breast cancer. Through my active fight against breast cancer, I hope that one day my daughter will not have to worry about the dreadful disease. 

Survivor since 1999 

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Iva Barfield-Lambert (RN,MSN,CCM)/ Treasurer

I was a Co-Survivor and care giver to my sister who died from breast cancer. The BCI gave me just the right environment to deal with the loss, even though it was from a retrospective point of view. BCI allows me the opportunity to work with men and women in the African American community.


Barbara Davis (RN,BS)/ Historian - Co-Founder

 My knowledge of breast cancer awareness and breast self exams started when I was a teenager by the direction of my mother, who had a benign breast module removed. By the age of 15 a benign nodule had been removed from each of my breasts. Many years later, in 1992, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a charter member and co-chair of the Program Committee of The Breakfast Club. It has been a great source of strength and spiritual awakening, not only to me, but to women with similar experiences. I am proud to be a part of this admirable organization. 

 Survivor since 1992

Earnestine 2.jpg

Earnestine Davidson / Parliamentarian

 I am over 80 years. My age and experience enable to be a wise and strong Parliamentarian. The Breakfast Club is a group of friendly, caring and knowledgeable women. Each woman brings her unique gifts; she is a beacon by which we gain better insight into ourselves and others. I will continue to dedicate my life to the fight against breast cancer. 

 Survivor since 1994

Dayle 2.jpg

Dayle Sandler / Board Member

At a time when she can be most vulnerable, I am proud to offer women who have had breast surgery a special haven. As Director of Breast Prosthesis Center at Medical West Healthcare Center; we are known for our attentive and kind manner, our staff serves as advocates for each woman. Our vast selection of in-stock product and unique fitting experience results in greater satisfaction. With gratitude to our clients whose special fitting needs have inspired me to develop creative alterations that produce more comfort and a balanced appearance.

Dr Hall 2.jpg

Dr. Lannis Hall-Daniel (MD,MPH)/ Board Member
Board Certified Radiation Oncologist. Recognized as a "Best Doctor in America" in the August 2011 issue of St. Louis Magazine. Dr. Hall's practice is part of BJC Medical Group of Missouri. She is a graduate of Howard University and Saint Louis University.

Napoleon 2.jpg

Napoleon Carter (BA,MA,MS)/ Board Member
I am a career Air Force Officer and  Educator. The Breakfast Club  came into my life at a time when I was just realizing that I would be the primary caregiver for a breast cancer survivor. The members of the organization embraced me and my family and taught us how to fight. Now I am inspired to help the group meet its goals and purposes and to support others who find themselves in a situation like mine. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as a member of this board.


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Pastor Veronica Richardson (BSN,RN,MBA,M.Div,CHCEF)/ Board Member
I became involved with the work of the Breakfast Club over 10 years ago. I found their mission compelling and in-line with my personal beliefs.  As both a pastor and a registered nurse, I have seen the devastating effect cancer can have on under served marginalized individuals, families and communities.  I found the work of the BCI to be a needed component in African American community. I wanted to be an integral part of that solution.

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