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About Us

The Breakfast Club Inc. (BCI) was founded in January 1997 when three breast cancer survivors met four hours over breakfast with a woman who had just received a diagnosis of breast cancer to discuss options of care and coping mechanisms. At the end of this meeting the woman asked if the three could meet with her again the following month.  Within six months the meeting had grown to ten women. In 1999 The Breakfast Club Inc. became a formalized group and incorporated. By August 2000 BCI became a not-for profit tax-exempt agency to better serve the community. BCI now has over 250 members including Breakfast Club Brothers and Breakfast Club Kids groups. BCI also has a nine-member board that oversees its programs. Since its inception The Breakfast Club Inc. has provided education regarding breast health to more than 12,000 people and support services to more than 500 breast cancer survivors. BCI has distributed over 1500 bras and more than 700 breast prostheses to women who could not afford them. Through the Faith On the Move program BCI has made mammograms accessible to over 2600 women. 


The Breakfast Club Inc. (BCI) began as a breast cancer support group serving primarily African American women residing in North St. Louis City and County. Over the years other programs have been implemented and the mission has broadened. Current mission is to impact the St. Louis Metropolitan community through education, awareness, resources and support concerning breast health, breast cancer and breast cancer prevention and screening.


The Breakfast Club Inc. Goals are:

  • To increase the rate of mammography screening, clinical breast exams and breast self-awareness among African American women residing in North St. Louis City and County. 

  • To decrease the incidence of late stage breast cancer in the target population.

  • To increase the availability of breast cancer information, resources, navigation assistance and support to underserved women in the St. Louis community.

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